You’re not losing belly fat? Here’s why

Belly fat is one of the main reasons most of the people embark on weight loss journey. Interesting thing that having a little of belly fat is actually healthy – it is there to protect our intestines, organs and stomach in general. The problem is that we tend to have a lot more than what is considered normal amount. We have discussed lots of times how unhealthy this is and you surely had the opportunity to read a lot about this.

There is a good thing in all this – studies have shown that for every pound that a woman loses, they usually lose 30% more of belly fat, than the fat on any other part of their bodies. But, losing belly fat can be difficult and below you can see some of the reasons why you are not losing belly fat:

Low fat diet – studies have shown that it is better for you to eat monounsaturated fatty acids (often called MUFAs) if you want to lose belly fat. However, if you are on low fat diet, you could delay losing belly fat.

Depression – women who are depressed tend to lose less belly fat or even gain some more. The main problem is that depression causes us to poor choice of meals and to skip or stop exercising. Solution is simple – more exercise! Exercise is good for your body and it also can improve your mood.

You’re eating food from boxes – not literally, of course. Snacks like chips or sweetened drinks make levels of sugar in your blood to spike, which causes your body to lower it with insulin, which then gives sign to your liver to store fat in your stomach.

Magnesium – the good thing about magnesium is that it helps our body maintain lower blood sugar and insulin levels. If you would like to increase the magnesium intake, you can eat at least twice a day a banana or soybeans.

Diet soda – by now, you should be aware that diet soda is not so good as they advertise it. Main problem is that, although it has less calories than regular soda drink, it has artificial sweeteners, which can cause blood sugar level in your body to increase, which through chain of events, that we explained above, leads to more belly fat. Furthermore, recent studies have proven that people tend to drink more of diet sodas, just because they think they can, since these drinks have less calories than the original.

Burgers – most of us love to eat burgers and this is something that could cause our belly fat to increase. The simple solution for this is just to skip burger and replace it with some salmon or trout.

Beer – beer gut is a real thing, even for women. Some studies have even proven that drinking wine can have a similar effect. The best way to deal with this is just to generally drink less.

Vitamin C – you are not eating enough fruit and vegetables with vitamin C. Luckily, this can easily be changed – simply throw some mango with your fish and you have a great meal!

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