You can’t go to the gym? Here are 5 ways to stay active

From time to time, we all get busy and overwhelmed with everyday responsibilities – you have to cook dinner, pick up your kids from school or go to the shopping mall. In those times we tend to skip going to the gym or skip our runs. However, there are actually two things you can do – you can skip going to the gym and attend to those responsibilities or you could find a way to incorporate a few smaller workouts throughout the day, so you can finish all the tasks and be active at the same time.

There are many different ways to make every day tasks into workouts and we have prepared the easiest and the most fun ways to do it:

Turn grocery shopping into a workout

It does not matter whether you like or don’t like grocery shopping, the truth is that this activity can be quite time consuming and it usually involves going to a large market outside your town. First thing you can do is simply walk more when you get inside, second you can push the cart a little faster than you usually do and third thing you can do is to carry all the bags to the car by yourself.

Chores are great for burning calories

One of the best opportunities for active day at home are the chores. When you can’t go to the gym, but you have to clean up your home – you can turn it into interesting and challenging activity. Workout your core while you scrub the tub, work the biceps and triceps by window washing and for the whole body workout you can vacuum the whole house.

Go for a walk

When you find yourself in a situation where you have to wait for someone or something to finish, you can grab your phone and headphones and go for a short walk around your neighborhood. Furthermore, if you are up to it, you can always walk faster for a nice cardio workout. Many researches have proven that going for a walk is not good only for your body, but also for your mind.

Mow the lawn

Mowing the lawn is one of the most hated tasks around the house, but the good thing about it is that it burns a lot of calories because it involves constantly moving and pushing the lawn mower. Furthermore, if you have a bush that needs trimming, you’re into a workout that will surely make you sore. If you get bored while doing it, you can always use your phone and headphones to play some music or play an audio book, which will surely make the time go by faster.

Dance while you work

This is one amazing way to make your chores around the home much more interesting – the idea is simply to play some music that you like and dance while you’re working. This is a great cardio workout that you can do literally while doing anything – cleaning the windows, vacuuming or cooking the dinner.

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