Working too much can lead to weight gain

Are you a workaholic? Do you like to punch in some extra hours every week to earn more money to buy something nice? Do you feel exhausted at the end of the week after you have surpassed well over that 40 hours? If you answer positively on these question, we might have some bad news for you – your schedule might be to blame for weight gain!

According to the recent study that has been done in Finland and that involved 9,000 people actively working in city of Helsinki ages 40 to 60, people who work more than 40 hours every week are more likely to gain weight. The study was carried out by University of Helsinki, so there is no reason to doubt or question the results. The results have even shown which individuals are most likely to experience weight gain – people with kids that have demanding jobs with lots of overtime and have to balance jobs and family are the ones that will surely gain some weight (it depends on the person how much). 25 percent of all women and 19 percent of all men who have participated in the study have claimed that they gained weight in the previous year! That means that every fourth woman that participated in the study has gained weight in the last year!

Furthermore, study has worked on determining what are the main factors leading to weight gain and they were able to isolate two factors that are connected to weight gain – experiencing fatigue caused by large amount of work and consistently working more than 40 hours per week.

When it comes to working over 40 hours, this trend was especially present among women who participated in the study – participants who have stated that they worked over 40 hours were also the ones who claimed that they are not satisfied with how they are able to combine family life and work. On the other hand, those who claim that they feel exhausted at the end of the working week have stated that they feel totally exhausted, they have to work too hard, they are totally worn out after work and that they find their job too stressful.

Researchers have tried to figure out from where the actual calories came, because from the work itself you can gain weight and it seems that most of the participants in the study have chosen to visit the vending machine or take a coffee break wherever they felt stressed or whenever they had a stressful meeting ahead in the day. This was the main reason why participants actually gained weight and it just pointed out to an older problem that most of us cope with – whenever we have to face with stressful situations we tend to either overeat or eat foods that are not good for us. This is a hard habit to break, but it is something that we all must work on in order to keep our weight under control even when we are stressed.

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