Why you should start writing diet journal today

“Diet” is probably one of the most hated words in the world, mostly because people think of it as the time when you have to eat less or to give up on their favorite foods in order to lose weight – at least that’s the first thing that pops up in everyone’s minds. The interesting thing is that “diet” actually means food that you regularly eat, not meaning any special kind of eating – like vegan or vegetarian. In order to lose weight you need to adjust your normal diet not “go on a diet”.

By now you have certainly heard about a certain diet helping people lose weight by not eating something or by eating more of some foods – these diets (along with those low-fat or low-carbohydrates diet) are called fad diets. These diets are often associated with many health issues – from slowed down metabolism, low hydration, low vitamin levels and even lethargy. When going on a diet, people usually feel hunger all the time and it often leads to the sense of deprivation – like you can’t eat only foods that you like.

If you want to lose weight, you should probably start keeping a log of everything you eat – chances are that you are eating much more sweets than you think and much less fruits and vegetables and by doing this you consume much more calories than your body needs. Many researches have shown that people tend to lose significantly more weight when keeping a journal of everything they eat.

Great thing about diet journal is that it can help you determine what are your eating patterns – do you eat more in front of the TV or when you eat in some restaurant or whether you eat some of the foods too often. Furthermore, this diet journal can also help you determine what are the triggers that cause you to overeat (like boredom, stress, sadness or even certain part of the day). It will be easier for you to recognize these situations and to make changes where they are needed.

One sure way to know which portion size is right is to read food label. When you take a look at the bag of chips or bottle of juice, it might appear to you that it has only 100 calories or even less, but when you take a look at the label you discover that in the bag is 2 or even three servings, meaning that you could eat significantly more than you should, without even realizing that you have eaten more.

When you have learned the right portion sizes and do the math about the right amount of calories that your body needs – time has come to start measuring everything that you eat – from take out (which you should avoid) to cooking at home. For example, ideal food serving of meat is the size of deck of cards (or palm of your hand), while ideal serving of dressing, mayo or peanut butter is the size of a golf ball (or two tablespoons).

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