Why you should drink honey water every day

You are probably already aware how important water is for our bodies and that you should be careful not to dehydrate your body. Our bodies are made out of mostly water and it is not new that it is a vital component for our bodies. Experts say that we should drink up to 2 liters of water every day just to enable our bodies to function properly.

However, lots of people simply don’t like drinking water alone and because of that the nutritionists have found an interesting way to help those who don’t want to drink only water – add some honey to make it sweeter. This idea proved to be much better than it was thought at first and there have been many studies that have proven how good honey water is. Here are some of the key benefits of drinking honey water every day:

  • It will boost your immune system

If you did not know before – honey is amazing for boosting immune system. However, in order to be sure that you are getting the most out of honey – you should try to find and buy organic and raw honey, which is the best. Organic honey, produced by a local beekeeper is packed with vitamins, minerals and enzymes that can help you fight off any bacteria.

  • It will help you flush out toxins

When it comes to flushing out toxins from your body, there is hardly a better combination than warm water and honey. If you want to get most out of honey water as a detox drink, there is one thing you can do – add some lemon juice to it – it will not only help you detox, but it will supply your body with vitamin C.

  • It will help you clean your skin

Honey is a natural anti-oxidant and because of that it is so good when it comes to flushing away waste. Also, thanks to its antibacterial properties it can help you keep your skin clean (women even use it as exfoliator).

  • It will help you lose weight

The biggest misconception about honey is that it is full of sugar and that because of that it should not be a part of a healthy diet. However, you must keep in mind that sugar used in sweets (artificial sweeteners are whole another story) and sugar in honey are completely different, because honey contains only natural sugar. The best thing about this natural sugar is that it can help you satisfy your daily sugar needs, while at the same time not adding too much calories to your diet.

  • It can improve your sore throat

Warm honey water is especially popular during winter months and there is a good reason for that – it can help soothe a sore throat and warm you up at the same time. Honey is known as a natural remedy for respiratory infections and for the cough – you should remember this next time when you catch a cold – just prepare yourself a glass of honey water and you will instantly feel better.

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