Why you should do bridges every day

One of the best ways to tighten your backside is the bridge. However, this is just one of the many advantages of doing this exercise. The bridge can be done practically anywhere and you can do it easily in your home, your office or in your gym. Most of the people like to do them lying on the back and on mats. The only moves that are involved into this exercise are lifting the hips and then lowering them back down. This exercise has many, many variations that either make it easier or harder to do, while some modifications are done to make it more effective.

This simple movement engages a lot of different muscles – from hip adductors and abductors to back extensors, glutes and hamstrings. All these muscles have important roles that help us move properly and prevent injuries.

Doing bridges every day can have a lot of different benefits that not only improve your looks, but also improve your overall health and make you less like to sustain many injuries. Bridges are ideal for people who are experiencing low back, knee and hip pain and can’t do some of the other exercise that are much more difficult (for example, plank is much more effective, but it is very difficult). Experts say that these muscles are targeted with this exercise and by doing it you improve them, which could lead to absence of pain.

One of the many benefits of doing bridges every day is something that many people forget, but it is very important – posture. If you are reading this on your mobile phone or on your computer, you are most likely leaned forward with your back and your shoulders rounded. Don’t feel bad – most of us sit this way throughout the whole day, but did you know that it can cause weakness, tight muscles or even headaches? Doing bridges on a daily basis can strengthen the back extensors, which in turn help us stand up straight.

We have mentioned plank before as an effective exercise, but people who are experiencing some pain in their knees, hips or back simply can’t do it. Squats are another exercises that is very effective, but people who are experiencing pain can’t do them. On the other hand, bridges are ideal exercise for these people – it can be done in a position that does not stresses the joints and it strengthen those muscles. When it comes to back pain, it is usually caused by the poor movement of the spine and it can lead to many other problems, not only with back. Luckily, bridge exercise can help with most of these negative effects – and it is not so hard to do. This exercise focuses a lot on the core and the muscles around it and it not only leads to decreasing pain in the back, but at the same time it strengthens all the muscles that should help you prevent pain in the future – which is one of the most important benefits of this exercise.

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