Why pregnant women shouldn’t drink alcohol

For quite some time pregnant women have been told not to drink at all and if there is a time when a pregnant woman really needs a drink – she should avoid binge drink (binge drink is considering having more than 4 servings of alcoholic beverage). But, can a pregnant woman have just one drink? What about just one glass of wine with dinner? Before you reach for that one glass, read below for reasons why pregnant women should not drink any alcohol during pregnancy.

First of all, keep in mind that the American Academy of Pediatrics (also known as AAP) has recently decided to re-issue their warning saying that women who are currently pregnant should not drink alcohol at all. If you did not know, the American Academy of Pediatrics currently has more than 64,000 pediatric surgeons and pediatrics specialists participating from the whole country and it is considered to be one of the most trusted medical organizations. Because of this, their warnings should never be ignored – furthermore, they serve as a guideline for doctors working with pregnant women.

Probably the most terrifying fact about drinking during pregnancy is that your baby could have FASD (FASD is collection of birth defects and it is short for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder). This term covers all birth defects caused by drinking alcohol during pregnancy – babies born with facial deformities and other issues which include behavioral problems, problems with social interaction, impaired memory and problems with mathematical skills. Good news is that FASD is can be prevented with 100 percent certainty – by just not drinking alcohol during pregnancy.

Unfortunately, there are more difficulties than FASD that can occur if you drink during pregnancy – Center for Disease Control (also known as CDC) claims that if you drink during pregnancy you put your child at greater risk for depression later on in life. Furthermore, one study has come to even worse conclusion – women who drank alcoholic beverages during pregnancy put their children to even greater risk of depression that starts in early childhood and usually means that those children are going to have to struggle against this illness their whole lives.

Most of the people have difficulties understanding why is alcohol, even in low amounts so bad for the baby, if it is considered to be so good when consumed in moderation – red wine contains resveratrol, which is an antioxidant that is considered to have lots of positive affects on the heart and the brain. One of the studies, carried out by CDC has come to the conclusion that there are many negative effects of drinking alcohol during pregnancy and the baby can’t choose what it is going to eat, but the mother can. Keep in mind that whatever the mother drinks, it gets to the baby through mother’s bloodstream. Basically, if you drink alcohol, so does your baby. The problems can happen because an unborn baby is simply not able to break down the alcohol in the way its mother can and that is when the alcohol damages the nervous system of the baby.

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