Why do we overeat?

We all have that need to eat more than we should, from time to time. Some people say that they even experience days when they just can’t stop eating and they never feel full. When these days come we tend to blame our fast-paced life our simply ourselves, while, the experts say there could be other things in our life that cause overeating.

Below is a list of things that could make you overeat:

You’re not getting enough sleep

Sleep deprivation is a common problem of modern people. If you are wondering how can you know whether you are sleep deprived or not – it is super-easy to know – if you are sleeping less than seven or eight hours every night, you are not getting enough sleep. If this is the case, you should find a way to sleep more, since sleep is important for the body and mind.

You’re not drinking enough water

Dehydration is another common problem, caused by our fast-paced lives. Dehydration might make you feel like you are hungry, although you are just thirsty and your body wants water. This is fairly easy to fix – just drink lots of water every day.

Your emotions

One of the leading experts said that every person has different relationship with food – some eat when they are sad, some eat when they are happy and you certainly know someone who likes to eat sweets when they are stressed. You should always remember that food is not cure for your current emotional state and that you should always eat normally.

Cold weather

A lot of people eat much more during cold, winter months. It is in these months when you usually want to eat comfort foods like mac and cheese or lasagna. The best thing you can do, to avoid overeating and still eat your favorite comfort food is to carefully portion your meals.

Events and social occasions

Different occasions make us forget about portions and intake and it is in these situations that we easily overeat, without even realizing how much we’ve eaten. There is no easy solution for this – you will have to carefully choose what you eat and how much.

You’re bored

You won’t believe how much you can eat when you are bored. Experts say that we tend to overeat when we have nothing to do, just because we are so used to multitasking and receiving feedback, that when we have nothing to do, we turn to food. The solution in this case is quite simple – find something to do!

You have skipped your workout

Every single trainer recommend to their clients to have rest days and cheat days (cheat days are for food only). However, recent surveys have shown that people tend to eat more during rest days, mostly because they think that their exercises have enabled them to eat more and that this is their reward. Actually, working out makes you less hungry, so it could be that you are hungry just because you are bored. Maybe you should still go and work out.

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