Which fruits and vegetables should you store in refrigerator?

Most of us has experienced at least once this situation – we come home and we decide to eat some nice piece of fruit and it appears to be spoiled. Those who love to eat avocado buy one and then wait days for it to ripen and when they finally think it is time to eat it, they see that is not good anymore.

This can be quite frustrating and according to research, it happens more often than we think. Actually, that research has shown that average American household throws around 14 percent of their food, in different forms (meat, grains or produce). This research has calculated that this is around $590 worth of food.

One of the ways of reducing this is just knowing how to properly store food. We have created a short list of popular fruits and vegetables and the best ways to preserve them:

Apples – they are fairly easy to preserve – you can store them up to seven days at room temperature and after that another seven days in refrigerator. Furthermore, they can be good for up to four months in a cool and dark location.

Avocados – you can store them at room temperature until just ripe and then three to four days to in the refrigerator to slow down the process.

Bananas – as you probably already know, bananas can only be store at room temperature for a really short period.

Berries – they will spoil faster in refrigerator, so make sure that you store them up to three days at room temperature.

Carrots – they can be good up to three months in refrigerator.

Cucumbers are best when stored at room temperature.

Garlic should be stored in dry and cool location.

Grapes should always be stored in refrigerator.

Kiwis should be stored at room temperature until ripen and then you should put them in a refrigerator to stop the process.

Melons can be both refrigerated and stored at room temperature. In case you put them in refrigerator, make sure that they stay only up to two days.

Mushrooms that were bought in the store should be stored in the refrigerator in the original package, while wild mushrooms can be stored up to two weeks in a paper bag, in a refrigerator.

Onions are best when kept in a cool and dry location.

Pears should be stored at room temperature until just ripe. Wash good before eating.

Peas should be stored in a plastic bag and should be washed well before eating.

Peppers can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

Pineapple can be stored both in refrigerator and at room temperature.

Potatoes are best when stored in cool and dry place.

Sweet potatoes can be stored up to one month in a cool and dry place.

Tomatoes should be stored unwashed at room temperature and eat when ripe. When tomatoes are stored in refrigerator can spoil quickly.

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