What to do when your diet becomes boring

Starting a fitness journey usually involves a lot of changes in your current diet, which can be quite interesting, at least in the beginning, especially if you start seeing results fast. However, as the time goes by and your weight loss slows down is when it gets harder and harder sticking to your new eating regime. It doesn’t come as a surprise that many people struggle with dieting the most, especially when constant changes and small adjustments are needed. When you add stress that we experience in our lives – keeping up with healthy diet becomes even harder.

One of the most common setbacks in a fitness journey, as we mentioned before, is returning to your old dieting habits and within just a few days of overeating meals that are not good for your body all the progress that you have made over the past weeks (maybe even months) will be sabotaged. You never know what will trigger a setback – sometimes it is problem at work, while at times it can be just boredom. Luckily, there is something that can do (not to prevent setbacks completely, but to help you get immediately back on track) – setting goals. Probably the best way to keep your motivation on a higher level all the time is to set realistic goals that are possible. For example, you could set a major fitness goal to lose 50 pounds in next year or two, but the smaller goals – like losing a pound a week is what gets you going until you get to the major goal. Experts also say that you can determine a major goal and a lot of small ones to help you achieve what you want.

Some people look at a healthy diet as something restrictive or boring, but both are simply not true. In every normal and healthy diet you can eat lots of healthy foods – mostly unprocessed and fresh from your market. So, in terms of flavor, a healthy diet is never restrictive. On the other hand, if your diet is boring, then you can only blame yourself for not being more creative when preparing food, but this can also be easily changed – try a new dish, get new ingredients for your pastry or try to prepare your favorite meal with healthier ingredients and maybe new spices. Most of the people say that they have learned to love healthy diets and now they could never get back to eating junk food or anything processed.

Keeping you on your fitness journey is your own fight and you should not look at it as one major fight – instead, look at it as bunch of little fights, where every win counts! Every time you have eaten a healthy dinner instead of ordering pizza – this is a win. Every time you worked out when you didn’t feel like it – this is a win. As you can see, there are lots of wins in a fitness journey and every single one is a good reason to feel good about yourself.

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