What can you learn from your kids about weight loss

There are many ways to find the right answers on all your questions about weight loss, but not everyone finds those answers in the same place – some find them in the library, some on the Internet and some get answers from an unexpected source – their kids. Believe it or not, your kids might have all the answers that you need for a successful fitness journey that leads to weight loss. But, how? It is quite simple actually, kids have different, care-free ways of doing something completely serious, while not being really serious about it and having fun along the way.

It might be worth it for you to get your inner child to lead you on your fitness journey and with some help from your own kids you will be there in no time. Here’s what they can teach you, that you have known, but forgotten along the way:

  • First thing that you can learn from your kids is that everything can be a game, even weight loss. Seeing them how they make up their games on the go is a great inspiration for you to do the same. For example, when running on the treadmill try to make up some interesting game that will keep you going. Furthermore, you could try to break your own records, which can bring your competitive side out.
  • In every single day there are situations that you can turn into a workout. Similar to don’t drive when you can walk – you can try don’t walk when you can run! It is amazing how much exercise you can actually fit in in a single day, without even noticing it.
  • Most of the kids you know are picky eaters – you were probably picky eater when you were kid. What can you learn from this? Eat only foods that you like, because it is more likely that you will stick to that diet when you have reached your fitness goals. If you love foods that are not healthy – try finding alternatives that are similar in taste, but healthier.
  • Laugh more – whatever you do in life, laughing seems to make it easier and more fun to do. Kids are laughing all the time and that is one of the things that keeps them healthy in younger years. Some studies have shown that laughter can give us energy, lower blood pressure and ease our brain functions.
  • Find some time for your own “playtime” – at times we can get so caught up in our work that we forget to find time for ourselves, which is crucial for our overall health.
  • Kids love colors and this is something that you should try to incorporate in your diet – add foods that are different in color to your plate, we can guarantee it will be healthier.
  • Kids always love to go outside, which is yet another valuable lesson for all of us – going outside and working out is much better than working out inside, especially during nice summer weather.

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