What are the unexpected effects of weight loss?

When we decide that we want to lose weight, we tend to focus only on the one thing and one thing only – losing weight. However, we often don’t think about other things that come with weight loss, that unexpected effects that come with weight loss.

Some of these effects are for the better, however, there are some that we usually don’t like. We have gathered some of the things that we don’t often hear about weight loss:

You’ll sleep better – according to one study, people who lost weight slept around 22 more minutes than obese people. This happens because you breathe more easily and there is no soft tissue to block airways.

Your memory will improve – one of the recent studies has shown that women who were following a 6 month diet plan scored better on their memory tests.

Food will taste different – your taste buds are going to change, but, it does not change the same for everyone – some people reported that food tasted dull, while others reported that their taste is sharpened.

Your relationship will be put to test – when you lose weight, your partner might feel threatened or even jealous, which could lead to problems in your relationship.

If you were depressed while you were fat, you will be when you lose weight – if you lose weight you will look better, but your mood will not improve. There were some people that even said that they remained depressed even when they lost more than 100 pounds!

You will have more energy – one of the great things about weight loss is that you are going to have more energy. The reason for this simple – you will have less weight to carry around every day.

You will enjoy working out – after you lose some weight, you will start enjoying working out and you will look forward to going to the gym. Since you will have more energy, you will be able to push yourself even further, which will make you feel strong.

You should spend less on health care – depending on your health status, you could spend less when you lose weight. Some patients even reported that doctors treated them better when they have lost weight.

You might get promoted – the interesting thing is that when you lose weight, your employer might look differently on you and you are more likely to get promoted. There is a study that claims that obese people earn less than slim people.

Your skin might get a little loose – this is something that people don’t like to talk about, but it is known that people who lost a large amount of weight noticed that their skin sagged a little bit. The good news is that your skin can be tight again, but with the right exercises.

Risk of getting cancer will be lower – research has proven that obesity is linked with a few different cancers and it is believed that when you lose weight, there is less chance to get any of those diseases.

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