Unbelievable diet rules, backed by science

There are some diet rules that we don’t question and we simple don’t think about them and take them as true. However, more than often something that we thought that is certain about dieting and fitness turns out to be completely different. The problem is that some myths and lies about health and fitness are around for so long that they have practically became tips that are taken as true without doubting, while, some of these have been created as facts by people who need this fact for business and marketing purposes.

We have prepared some of the diet rules that are hard to believe, but are backed by science:

You can skip breakfast

How many times have you heard that the breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that you should not skip it by any means? However, one of the latest researches have shown that our metabolism is not affected in any way if we don’t eat right after we get up.

You can have a big dinner

Yet another diet rule that we have heard so many times – you shouldn’t have a big meal for dinner and should go with something light instead. One research, that has been done in Italy, has shown that people who eat a bigger dinner on average lose more fat than those who eat less in the evening. The same research has also showed that timing does not have an important role – it appears that you can eat even later in the evening.

Eating more smaller meals throughout the day does not affect metabolism in any way

More than thirty years ago, someone thought that if you burn calories while eating and digesting that food, the more times you eat, the more calories you are going to burn. That is how the six smaller meals a day diet began its life. However, the only problem is that one French study has shown that there is no connection between eating smaller meals and weight loss.

If you want to get lean, eat carbs

Lots of fitness experts and body builders claim that you should avoid carbs at all costs, if you want to get lean. The problem is that they are usually thinking about sugar and not the rest of the food that are classified under carbs. The truth is our bodies need carbohydrates and you should just find the proper balance.

You should exercise on an empty stomach

How many times you got sick in the gym, just because you thought you have to eat before exercising? For most of us, this has happened too many times. The problem is that “before workout” is a broad term and it surely does not mean 15 minutes before. Experts recommend to eat at least couple of hours before going to the gym.

Organic food won’t help you lose weight

Most of us get organic products and consume them every day and there are many good reasons to do so, but, if you are buying organic food because you think it helps you lose weight – you are wrong. Whatever the food is, you should always have a balanced diet and that is something that is going to help you lose weight.

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