Two most common mistakes of people going to the gym

According to recent studies, going to the gym is still among the most popular ways of exercising. People like going to the gym, mostly because it offers many different pieces of equipment, as well as the professional support of the gym staff. But, what about the mistakes in gym? Do you see sometimes someone making an obvious mistake? Unfortunately, gym staff say that they often see two mistakes done by many, many people who come to workout, even though they have been instructed differently.

The first mistake is skipping the very important warm up and the second is expecting that you get almost instant results from going to the gym. Both mistakes can equally cause problems to people who make them and it seems that gym staff can not stress this enough.

Skipping warm up, stretches and cool down period when working out in a gym is a serious mistake, however this is something that gym professionals don’t call a mistake – because it is so common, they call it a “bad habit”. It just seems like some people think that doing this is a waste of time, since it doesn’t have any obvious benefits. The truth is that this whole routine is really important and some experts even call it “the foundation of any exercise”. Since you might not be aware what are the benefits of warming up, stretching or cooling down, we have chosen only the most important benefits:

  • Doing this routine enables faster recovery
  • Helps with sore muscles
  • Relieves your muscles and your body from stress
  • It helps you breathe properly, even during exercises
  • It improves the time you need to react
  • It improves your posture as well as coordination
  • Your muscles and all tissue prepares better for the upcoming exercises
  • It can actually prevent sore muscles
  • It increases the amount of oxygen and blood flow to connective tissue and muscles, which improves your overall performance

Second mistake is expecting immediate positive results after few sessions in the gym. While this mistake won’t lead to any injuries (most probably), it might lead to you quitting the gym. Don’t get us wrong – you should see some results from a new diet or exercise plan, but you must keep in mind that for these new changes in your life to show some change, it takes time. For some it takes a lot of time, for some not so much. If you are currently exercising, but don’t see the results, here are some benefits of exercising while you wait for results to kick in:

  • You will look and feel better
  • You will lose more weight since your metabolism will be faster
  • Exercising is known to help with mood swings and it is believed that it can generally calm your mind and make you a more stable person
  • You will improve your immune system and will be less likely to get sick
  • Your strength and endurance will improve

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