Top fitness myths and truths about them

Autumn months are very popular to begin with a new fitness journey – this is the time when people decide to set new goals, improve their habits and layout some new plans for the future. If you have decided to start a new fitness journey, you have probably already defined some kind of fitness plan and if you have asked for help from your friends, read some books or read something on the internet, there is a good chance that you have heard or read something about exercising that is not true.

Unfortunately, there are still some fitness myths that people believe in and they still circle online, making people believe in this wrong information:

  • You can target certain areas of body with exercise to lose weight on that specific part of the body – this is called “spot training” and it is used all over the world, even though it doesn’t actually help you lose fat from a certain spot on your body, because you are simply not able to choose where to burn fat. Your body chooses where to store fat and while you can’t actually lose weight from a certain spot, you can balance your diet and do different exercises to ensure that you burn fat on whole body.
  • Women should not lift weights because they will bulk up – truth is that in order to bulk up, you need necessary hormones, which women have much less than testosterone than men, which means that they are less likely to bulk up when doing weight lifting. The interesting thing is that women usually lose valuable inches when start doing weight training – because they lose fat and gain muscles (and muscles are much smaller than fat).
  • You should not exercise if you can’t do it hard and often – this is not true, because many medical studies have shown that even moderate activity can reduce risk of stroke and heart disease. Moderate exercise means at least 30 minutes of workout, but if you can’t find whole 30 minutes to exercise, you could divide it into smaller portions of 10 minutes and do it 3 times throughout the day, which can add up to 30 minutes of exercise. Furthermore, there are a few things you can do to increase your activity without actually exercising – take the stairs instead of elevator, hold walking meetings or park further from work.
  • Doing abdominal exercises will enable you to have flat stomach – this myth is similar to the one we previously mentioned. The only way to get flat stomach is to “remove” fat in the midsection, which you can do only by doing these three things: you need to do cardio exercises in order to burn calories, strength exercise to speed up your metabolism and to have a proper diet to get the best results. Doing abdominal exercises will really help you get more muscle mass in the midsection, but if you have fat in that section, those muscles will never be seen.

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