Top 7 Exercises to Increase Height

Growth of height significantly depends up on the genetic factors. But up to some extent growth factors like diet, workout, exercise, environmental conditions also put their effect on it. Most people believe that height growth of a person ceases after he enters into adulthood, maybe because after 18, the natural ability of the body to grow and develop declines. In some recent studies it has been found that if growth factors are fostered, you can get stretch-up up to 2-3 inches even after the age of 20. Let’s take a round on some of the top exercises which can help you out.

      1. Swimming: Swimming involves a cornucopia of stretching and reaching. It promotes the human growth hormones. Significant results are gained only after some passage of time. Breast stroke is one of the best swimming styles which are popular in lengthening the spine and other body parts. To increase the output it is advised to do 10 minutes of stretching exercise with high intensity.
      2. Cobra Stretch: It is one of the basic Yoga exercises. To perform this,First lie on the face down and palms under your shoulders with chin resting on the floor.In second step, while breathing in straighten your arms to lift your trunk.

        Hold yourself in this position and keep breathing.

        Finally lower your trunk and head and come back into the initial position.

      3. The balancing table yoga: This is not an easy exercise but it works incredibly in stretching up the body. For doing this,First sit on the floor with your legs stretched out.Place palm on ground with hands in the direction of feet.

        By placing feet flat on the ground, push the torso/trunk in upward direction so that body posture becomes like a table.

      4. Rope jump: Rope jump is comparatively easy exercise. Also you need to do large no. of sets to get good results. It works directly on the lower legs. Apart from stretching them up it also works on building leg muscles.
      5. Bar hanging: Gravity compresses the spine and joints, which gives shorter appearance to the body. But conversely this natural force i.e. gravity can be used to extend the height. Bar hanging lowers the compression force on joints. While performing this exercise whole body should be in air. Or you can bend knees. Keep yourself in this position for 20-30 seconds. Repeat 4-5 times.
      6. Dry Land Swim: Dry land swim or the alternate kick focuses on lower back. To perform this,lay on your stomach.Body should be fully extended.

        Extend your arms out in front direction.

        Keep right arm slightly above the left one and raise left leg as far as possible.

        Stay in this position for 5-20 seconds. Switch to left arm and right leg.

      7. Forward Bend: It is very helpful exercise to vivify the nervous system by increasing the blood supply. It makes spine supple which ultimately elongates the upper body portion. To perform this:

Stand straight with arms alongside the body
Feet should be together.
Inhale air and extend both arms up in the air.
Exhale air and bend forward towards the feet.
Keep breathing deeply and put both hands in rest position either on floor or on legs.
Breathe out and bring the chest towards the knees.
Raise the coccyx (tailbone) and allow the head to relax.
Breathe in and come back into the standing position. In the final step keep both arms stretched.

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