The Truth about Detox Diets and Colon Cleansing

On its own, a healthy body is designed to take care of toxins. Various detoxification programs, colon cleansing, and water irrigation devices are not needed and at times can be harmful or dangerous.

  • Detoxification Diets, or detox diets for short, seem to be the current buzz word regarding health. According to these theories, by restricting certain foods and drinking specific beverages, you can clean and detoxify designated body systems. Some people do report feelings of energy, lightness, better attention and focus, but this is likely a placebo effect, people believe they are doing something good for themselves. Other people who detox may report large amounts of weight loss but it is not permanent weight (fat) loss, this weight loss is primarily water loss and dehydration. There is no medical evidence that detox diets actually remove toxins from the body.
  • Colon Cleansing uses herbal ingredients, laxatives, enemas, colonics, and/or irrigation devices. These can disrupt the normal functioning and balance of the large intestine, resulting in electrolyte imbalances, diarrhea, dehydration and damage to the protective bacteria in the large intestine. The colon doesn’t need to be cleansed, in fact, the only appropriate use for colon cleansing is in preparation for a medical procedure used to examine the colon.

Of course, eating fresh produce, drinking water, and exercising regularly will help you feel healthier and more energetic. But meeting your body’s nutritional needs for protein, calcium and other nutrients is also important. Any “diet” that recommends eliminating certain food groups entirely is risky and nutritionally unbalanced.

What can you do to improve your health and start losing weight? Enjoy a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. These are the best ways to revitalize and rejuvenate the body, include in your diet:

  • Adequate water and fluid intake. Water transports nutrients and helps rid the body of toxins.
  • Low-fat dairy products or other calcium-rich foods. Calcium does more than strengthen bones.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables. These are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, promoting a healthy body.
  • Whole grain breads and cereals, whole wheat pasta, and brown rice. These “good” carbs meet your body’s energy needs providing fiber, protein and vitamins.
  • Lean meats and/or other healthy protein sources including beans, lentils, nuts, seeds and soy products. Protein plays several important roles in the body.

In addition, the following practices will help your body perform at its best and reduce your risk of disease:

  • Avoid smoking and inappropriate drug use.
  • If you choose to drink alcohol, do so in moderation.
  • Get plenty of sleep every night.
  • Take steps to reduce stress and relax.
  • Take part in moderate exercise all or most days of the week.

Remember, your body is designed to purify itself. When you are healthy eating, a healthy diet and exercising regularly, your liver and kidneys will do the job they’re supposed to do. If you’re feeling tired or are having trouble losing weight, using the steps above will help you feel your best.

Rejuvenate your body the healthy way, your body will thank you!

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