The health benefits of honey

Did you know that honey is called liquid gold? And not just because of its color! Honey is one of the rare foods that is eaten for thousands of years and is still eaten today in more or less similar way and form. In the past, when there were no sweets in every corner, honey was the only treat that many could afford.

All the benefits of honey can be difficult to list, so we are going to talk about the most important benefits of honey to our health. First of all, you need to know that your whole body can benefit from honey. A tablespoon of honey has around 60 calories. Furthermore, honey is cholesterol-free, fat-free and sodium-free. This is the main reason all health conscious people add honey in their tea, instead of artificial sweeteners and sugar. Honey consists of 80 percent carbohydrates, 18 percent water and a 2 percent mix of minerals, amino acids and vitamins.

According to medical researches, honey is a great cough suppressant. One study has shown that children that are up to 5 years old cough a lot less, if they eat a two teaspoons of honey just 30 minutes before bed. Furthermore, those children were able to fall asleep easier, just because they coughed less. The interesting thing is that the experts were unable to find out how exactly honey helps us cough less, but they believe that the honey soothes and coats the throat. Some doctors recommend honey for treating respiratory tract infections.

Honey is also known for helping people fall asleep easier. The reason for this is simple – honey helps our bodies to release serotonin. After that, serotonin improves a person’s mood, which furthermore helps that person fall asleep easier and even improves their sleep quality. Some amino acids in honey have tryptophan, which makes us harder to stay awake, which is another sleep benefit.

Health conscious athletes eat honey instead of drinking energy drinks. Honey has around 17 grams of carbohydrates in a tablespoon and since it has unprocessed sugar, it offers similar benefits like a energy drink. Glucose and fructose from honey enter blood stream almost directly, which means that you feel the benefits immediately. Furthermore, honey will assist you during longer workouts.

Along with these many health benefits, Egyptians were able to find out that honey is especially beneficial for people who suffer from burns and cuts. It is known that honey has antiseptic properties that keep wounds free from infections and keeps it clean. Experts believe that honey takes moisture from the air and use it for healing, while, at the same time, keeping bacteria away.

There are more researches surfacing that prove that honey has lots of anti-carcinogen features that help fight cancer. Furthermore, same researches have shown that honey helps prevent formation of tumors.

For those who love to drink, honey is something that they should always have in their home, since it is known that it can help cure hangover, mostly because it helps sooth the stomach.

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