The foods that burn fat

Did you know that you can boost your metabolism by eating certain foods? Yes, it is true – there are some foods that have a high “thermogenic effect”, so your metabolism works faster than usual. On the other hand, some foods contain some compounds and nutritions that are believed to also help your body burn more calories.

By eating these foods on regular basis (not too much, of course) you can help your metabolism speed up its rate, which means more burned calories for you.

See what foods fire up your metabolism:

Green tea

There is a good reason why green tea is very popular among athletes and those who are working on losing excess weight. According to a research – people who drank 4 cups of green tea a day, lost six pounds more than those who didn’t. Green tea is known to speed up metabolism right after you drink it.

Whole grains

Our body processes completely different whole and processed foods. Whole foods like brown rice and oatmeal (which are super-rich in fiber) make our body burn twice as many calories than it usually burns. Processed foods are easier for our body to process, so it does not burn as many calories.


This ingredient is one that is often forgotten, but there is a good reason to eat it – one cup has around 35% of our daily iron needs! Pair this information with data that more than 20% of adult Americans are iron-deficient and you will want to eat more lentils right away!

There is something that you should know – when our body lacks a certain nutrient, the metabolism slows down, because it does not get what it needs.

Hot peppers

Hot peppers have a certain compound (it is the same that gives them that sharp taste) that helps our body heat up, which results in burning more calories. The good thing about hot peppers is that you can eat them in lots of different ways – powdered, dried, cooked or even raw! The only problem with peppers is how to incorporate them in your food every day. This can be especially difficult for people that don’t usually eat spicy food. You can start with some mild Mexican dishes in the beginning, until you start eating the real deal!

Lean meats

We all know that lean meats are great for our body (especially for people who are active and exercise frequently), but, did you know that protein also is one of the foods with high thermogenic effect, according to experts? The interesting fact is that when you eat lean meats you burn 30% of the calories that food contains while processing it. This means that if you, for example, eat a chicken breast that has around 300 calories, you will burn around 90 calories just to process it.

Dairy products (low fat)

Dairy products are known to be rich with vitamin D and calcium, which help our bodies build and preserve muscle mass. Muscles are essential for weight loss and fast metabolism. However, make sure that you consume dairy products in moderation!

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