The easiest way to lose 30 pounds a year

Most of the people think that losing weight is something that is really hard to achieve and that their goal weight is simply beyond their reach. Luckily, this is far from the truth and losing weight is not so hard as one might think. The truth is – there are many different ways and every single one can give you results, but not in the same time.

In this article, we are going to talk about one sure way to lose weight and we think that it is one of the easiest. Researches have shown that you can lose up to 30 pounds of weight in one year! You are not going to need some expensive equipment, expensive gym membership and you will not have to buy anything from us. However, there are two basic things you need: a good pair of walking shoes and lots of motivation.

How to lose weight with walking as your only exercise

First, there is something you need to know – experts say that walking is just effective as running, which is something many people don’t know. However, not every person burns the same amount of calories while walking – since walking is weight-bearing activity, the amount of calories is strongly affected by the weight of the individual. Basically, the person that has 100 pounds is going to burn 50 percent less calories than the person that has 200 pounds (if they walked similar distance in the similar speed, of course).

How can I burn more calories while walking?

Depending on your overall endurance and health, you can set the pace that is faster than your regular walking, which should increase your metabolism, meaning that your body will burn more calories. The rest of the process is beyond your control – when you walk, you need energy which the body takes from caloric stores and burns it. The result is the loss of fat from hips, thighs, arms and waists. The good thing about walking is that keeps your metabolism up for longer periods, which means that more calories will be burned.

There are lots of studies (you can look it up on the Internet, there are many studies publish completely online) that have proven that walking is better for weight loss than running. One of the best things about walking is that everyone knows how to do it, so it is hard to say no to this type of exercise.

Experts say that 30 minutes of brisk walking every day should give you results. Unlike going to the gym or running, walking is something that you can easily incorporate in your schedule and you can basically do it anytime and anywhere.

According to the experts, you should lose at least one pound in 10 days, just by walking 30 minutes. On the other hand, fitness gurus say that 10,000 steps a day will lead you to a much healthier life. If 10,000 steps seems to much, take a look at it from a different perspective – it is around 5 miles!

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