The best ’90s playlist

Most of the people who like to workout or go to the gym, like to listen to good music while they are exercising. The problem is that sometimes it is really hard to find or create the perfect playlist for working out. The type of the song can also affect your workout – a song that is slow can make you slow down and lower your pace, while a faster song can be overwhelming during the workout.

Furthermore, problem is to find a playlist that is as long as your workout or to find one where you like all the songs. According to a survey that a popular fitness site done, lots of people workout with songs from ‘90s. Interesting thing about all playlist from the ‘90s is that they are usually around 30 minutes long and there is a reason for this. Younger generation surely won’t remember or some maybe have never seen a cassette – in the ‘90s, people who love to listen to music while working out had to use walkmans with cassettes, that only could store around 30 minutes of music on one side. Because of this, lots of cardio workouts lasted around 30min, just like the one side of the tape.

There are still people who remember how it was interesting when they were running a marathon with walkman – when you finish listening to one side of the tape, you had to slow down and open the walkman, take the tape out and put it back in. This was a really interesting sight, but it is also a reminder how fast technology is improving. Just think about it – now we have our smartphones and iPods where we store more music than we could ever need during a workout, but just ten or fifteen years ago, people had to listen music on walkman and cassettes.

If you are looking for the perfect playlist for you, there are lots on YouTube, Spotify and Pandora. The ideal playlist consists of upbeat songs that will push you further, even when you feel like stopping. Fitness experts agree that the music that you listen affects your workout, maybe more than we think. There is one more thing – you should never underestimate the motivational power of a song. Some celebrities said that they love to work out with songs like “A world’s greatest” by R Kelly, “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson or “Jungle” by X Ambassadors. The last song was featured in the commercial for Beats headphones, where Barcelona soccer player Neymar was main star.

Erin Thomas, one of the Soul Cycle instructors from New York has recently created and shared a very interesting ‘90s playlist, that lots of people started using and they claim that it is great, even for those that don’t like the music from the ‘90s.

The ‘90s songs that are best for exercising and make a great playlist are:

  • Aqua – Barbie girl
  • Moby – Honey
  • TLC – Waterfalls
  • Robyn – Show me love
  • Coolio – Gangsta’s paradise
  • Nirvana – Smells like teen spirit
  • Fugees – Killing me softly
  • Oasis – Wonderwall
  • Notorious B.I.G. – Juicy

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