Small changes that can have big impact on your health

Living a healthy life is not always easy, actually if you asked some of the people who are living healthy and enjoying it, they will say that it requires a lot of hard work and dedication, but the results are worth it. The problem is that at times it is easier to just skip workout, let stress get better of us and just eat more than we should or just have that sweet treat you love so much, but know it is not good for you.

However, all this can be a lot easier, if you did just one thing – shift focus from the big picture (all the sacrifices you are making) to all the small steps you should take, that will lead you to a healthier life. This concept is a topic of many discussions and there are even some researches that prove that this concept works. If you don’t know where to start, we have prepared some small changes that you can implement today, but that will make big change over time:

  • Stretching is pretty awesome and doesn’t require anything special. Studies have shown that stretching just for few minutes every day reduces risk of injury, helps sore muscles, improves circulation and boosts energy.
  • Most of us start working early in the morning, meaning we don’t have time for an early morning workout – instead of this, you can use your morning break at work to take a short walk around your workplace.
  • Cleaning burns solid amount of calories and it is something that can be beneficial in both ways – you will make your house cleaner, while burning some extra calories – it is a win-win situation.
  • We have recently published an article about exercises you can do in kitchen – and one of them has made this list. Counter push-ups are a simple way to tone your arms, since you can do it whenever you are cooking and doing them often can add up.
  • Try to be more active whenever you can – for example, instead of waiting for the elevator, you should take the stairs or you could get off your bus stop earlier and walk a little more to your apartment. These small activities seem meaningless, but when you do them often, they can help you burn significant amount of calories.
  • Don’t keep bad foods in your home – you are less likely to eat foods that are bad for you if it is out of your sight.
  • Plan meals in advance – this is probably the best way to keep your diet in order – planning meals in advance is an easy way to make sure that you keep your eating under control.
  • Get more sun – exposing yourself to sunshine will increase the amount of vitamin D in your body, which in turn boosts your mood, prevents some cancers and lowers your blood pressure.
  • Take a nap – whenever you feel moody, groggy or tired, you should take a nap – 20 minutes of nap can do wonders for you!

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