Sleep problems you shouldn’t ignore

According to one of the latest researches in the United Kingdom, more than 60 percent of all adults are not getting enough sleep at night. The interesting thing is that, as the same research proved, you can cure most of the minor sleep disorders with just one session with the therapist.

The participants of the research were those who had acute insomnia – in simple terms: when a person has trouble sleeping for a period of two weeks up to three months and that is caused by some stressful event or situation in the life of that person. All of the participants went on just one therapy session (that lasted one hour) and around 75 percent of all participants reported that they are completely cured and that they can sleep normally. The experts involved in the research stated that the insomnia can be cured easily in the beginning, before it becomes chronic. The main problem is that the people don’t recognize acute insomnia and they just live with it, instead of consulting with their doctor.

We have prepared five common sleep problems that may be a sign that you have acute insomnia and that you should visit your doctor:

You never sleep the whole night

This is a common problem and people tend to let it go and simply don’t think about it, but, the truth is that if you wake up easily during the night (it doesn’t matter if you wake up every five minutes or every hour), you should admit to yourself that you have a problem that you should deal with.

You wake up from your bad dreams

In one minute, you’re running away from a killer in the dark alley and in the next you wake up in your bedroom, gasping for air. If this happens often, it could be assign of sleep apnea. If this happens from time to time and not so often, you could deal with this issue easily and with the help of your doctor make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

You have headaches in the morning

Migraine in the morning could be a sign that you have a mild form of sleep apnea. What happens: if you don’t breath properly in your sleep, you don’t get rid of the excess carbon dioxide. Before you visit your doctor, make sure that you don’t cover your head when you go to sleep.

You grind your teeth

Believe it or not, many people tend to grind their teeth during sleep, but the experts have come to the conclusion that the person grinding his or her teeth in their sleep is actually awake (not completely, of course).

You tend to do something that you can’t remember in the morning

Do you hear how you did something weird while you were asleep? According to experts, this is not funny at all, since it could mean you are suffering one of the parasomnia disorders. If this happens often, make sure to consult with your doctor.

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