Simple tips to improve your running form

Having a proper running form is one of the most important things when it comes to running. It does not matter whether you are running for the first time or you have been running for a while – you have to have proper running form, in order to be able to waste as little energy as possible and to avoid injuries, that could be caused with improper running form.

We have gathered some tips that should help you have proper running form:

Keep your head up

While you running, make sure that you don’t let your head fall down or simply don’t look at your shoes. Instead, just keep your head up and watch the direction you are heading. Your back will go into straight position, because your head is up.

Let your jaw loose

When you clench your jaw, your back tightens. That is why you have to be careful about how much tension you apply to holding your jaw.

Your shoulders should be relaxed

It is very important that you relax your shoulders while running. If you lift your shoulders toward your head, you will just lose energy that you need for the run. On the other hand, if you bend your shoulders forward, this position leads towards injury and fatigue.

Your arms should swing in natural motion

You have surely noticed that when you walk, your arms swing in a pattern, which is natural for the body movement. You can incorporate the same movement, to improve your runs. However, there is one small difference – your arms should be bent at your elbows, instead of being straight.

Loosen your fists

Some people tend to clench their fists while running and the experts are really not sure why. The truth is that when you clench your fists, you lose valuable energy in the time when you need it the most.

Use your abs

Lots of runners experience lower back pain, just because they don’t engage ab muscles or simply their ab muscles are not strong enough. There are two ways to fix this situation – you can engage the muscles on your abdomen by simply imagining that you are pulling your belly button inwards – according to experts this is the easiest way and the other is to do core and ab exercises.

Watch your step

There are three different ways to land on your foot while running – first way is to land on the heel, second is to land on the mid-foot and the third is to land on your toes. Experts recommend that you land on mid-foot, which creates a lighter stride and helps you avoid pain in your feet.

Loosen your toes

Some runners have reported that they have the habit of clenching toes while running. There is absolutely no reason to do this and, in fact, it does not do your body good – just like when you clench your fists – you are loosing valuable energy.

Evaluate your running form

As we have said before, running form is very important and because of that, running experts recommend to stop during running to check your running form!

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