Should you workout on treadmill or elliptical?

Every gym has at least one treadmill and one elliptical and over the time these two machines have been a topic of many discussions – which one is better, which burns more calories or which one is better for losing fat. These discussions inspired many experts to invest a great amount of time into research about these two machines to find out which one is better. The truth is that one machine is not better than the other and that both have their pros and cons. If you are not sure which one is right for you, we have prepared a short list of benefits of both machines, that should help you choose which one is perfect for you:

Why you should workout on the treadmill

Treadmill provides you with an outdoor experience

If you love to run (it does not matter whether you are a dedicated runner or just a beginner) and you would like to have similar experience indoors, than the treadmill is the perfect machine for you. Elliptical machines have evolved in the last few years and are now packed with amazing features – some treadmills enable you to enter a course and it will replicate all conditions – going up the hill, down the hill etc.

You can adjust incline and speed

Treadmill is very popular during cold and rainy months and in those days everything can be boring – even running. However, treadmills have a wide variety of settings – like incline and speed, which can be used to make the exercise more interesting.

Treadmill can be both easy and hard

Most of the people picture a treadmill as a machine to run and run only. However, many people actually use treadmill for walking and relaxing muscles after a hard workout.

Why you should workout on the elliptical

Elliptical is safer

Unlike the treadmill and many other machines that you can find in a gym, elliptical is really safe to use. This machine enables you to have an intense workout, but with less joint impact. While delivering a good calorie burn, it is still easy on your back, hips and knees.


Most of the elliptical machines have handlebars, that offer an upper body workout and when you pair that with leg movement – you get a full body workout.

You can adjust resistance and speed

Working out on an elliptical machine can be both easy and hard, depending on what you want. Thanks to two different settings – speed and resistance, you can have an easy workout or an intense and hard HIIT session. You can even combine the two difficulties or increase or decrease speed to have a proper HIIT training.

It is fun

Unlike the treadmill, on which lots of people are complaining that it is boring, elliptical offers a different, more fun way to exercise. On this cardio machine you can choose the speed and resistance that fits your fitness level and you can also turn the pedals in two directions – front or back.

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