Should you start drinking water before meals?

You are probably already aware how important water is for your body, but do you believe that drinking two glasses of water before one or two meals every day can help you lose weight? University of Birmingham has carried out a study that has shown that drinking water before meals actually can help with weight loss and they recommend that we should start doing it right away.

This is not the only study that were researching the effects of drinking water before eating and it appears that they all have come to a similar conclusion – it will not only help us lose weight, but by doing that it can also save us time and money at the same time.

What are the exact findings of the study?

For the three month study were chosen 80 obese adults that were currently in their fifties. All participants where then split into two groups and both groups were given the same advice on how to lose weight (diet and exercise), but with only one difference – one group was told to drink one or two glasses of water before one or two meals every day. Good news is that they have all lost weight, but those who had to drink water before meals have reduced their weight by around 10 lbs in 12 weeks – which is quite good result! It appears that the water was able to make them feel full earlier, so they have eaten less than people who didn’t drink water before meals.

This study is just one of the many that had similar starting point and they have all come to the same or very similar conclusion – drinking water before meals can help you lose more weight, because it will make you feel fuller before you even started your meal. Furthermore, drinking more water every day gives a signal to your body that it does not need to retain extra water in your body – however, if you don’t drink enough water – the body goes in panic mode and starts saving as much water as possible in your body.

One study focused on finding out what temperature should the water that you drink be. There are some people that simply can’t drink water while it is cold, so they have to wait and drink it when it is close to room temperature. Study has come to the conclusion that drinking ice cold water can help our bodies burn more calories, by increasing the overall speed of metabolism (this happens because your body has to work harder to warm the water when you drink it).

As you can see, drinking up to two glasses of water before one of two meals every day can help you lose even more weight over a certain period of time. Keep in mind that there are many more benefits of drinking lots of water every day and most of them are not even related to weight loss (along with many benefits it improves your skin and concentration) – and it is surely the cheapest way to improve your weight loss!

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