Secrets of dieters who lost weight and never gained it back

Did you know that only 5 percent of all people who set out to lose weight actually manage to lose weight and never gain it back? The goal that can seem unattainable at times was already conquered by many people, but why is it so difficult not to gain weight after you lost it? There are many factors and reasons why someone gains weight after they have managed to lose it. Experts say that these factors and reasons are different from one person to another and if you want to find out why you have gained weight after you lost it, you will have to carefully analyze your habits, your diet, exercise routine and in the end – your lifestyle.

What are the secrets of people who lose weight and never gain it back?

After one big survey which involved just the people who have lost weight permanently, there were a few things they did differently than most of us – first of all, they are not quiet about their weight loss efforts – they share their journeys with their friends and family and more important – they ask for help and support. They always have a friend to be with them on this weight loss journey or someone who is really supportive. Another study has shown that people who announce their goals publicly are more likely to succeed.

Second thing that most of them does is planning. They plan their diet, track what they eat, when and how much. Furthermore, they explore new menus, new and interesting foods that can be added to their diet, they ask relevant question to experts directly and they constantly follow their progress. The good thing about planning is that you can develop strategy for any possible setbacks and through analysis of what you have accomplished so far, you can be prepared better for the future.

Another interesting thing that these people are able to do is to enjoy their fitness journey and this is why they are able to maintain their goal weight, without gaining a single pound long after they have reached their goal. Enjoying your fitness journey can help you feel better about yourself and everything that you are doing for yourself and your better, healthier future. Most of the people usually feel bad when they start with a new diet or exercise routine and they continue to feel bad until they stop with it, which is sometimes inevitable.

Lastly, the survey has shown that most of these people didn’t introduce all the changes to their life immediately. Instead, they added changes one by one, gradually. This way of adding small, but significant changes can make it easier for you to accept them, both mentally and physically – both are equally important. Making all the changes you want at once is like quitting your job, going to another and thinking that you will be instantly accepted by your co-workers. Always keep in mind that changes take time and for you to get to your goals it will take some time.

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