Returning to cycling

When is the last time you rode your bicycle? The answer depends on whether you are really someone that has a bicycle and rides it all the time, someone who has one and rides it not too often or someone who doesn’t even own a bicycle. Riding a bicycle is quite easy and there are so many benefits of doing it regularly, that it just seems impossible not to start today! Riding a bike is not only a great exercise, while doing it you will improve your athletic condition and see different place outside, which is something that a stationary bike at home or at local gym can’t offer.

If you have troubles remembering when was the last time you rode a bike, don’t worry – you certainly are not the only one. Actually, many studies have shown that just a small percent of people continue riding their bicycle after childhood. The interesting thing is that most of us have similar childhood memories when a bicycle is mentioned, mostly because we used it for fun stuff like going to a friend nearby or racing with our siblings. However, in the transition from childhood to adulthood, most of us leave bikes in our garages and we start driving cars. What if we could look at the bicycle like in our childhood – as a way of transportation that could take us somewhere fun? You could try to ride your bike outside next time, instead of doing it on the stationary bike in the gym.

As you are probably already aware – cycling is a great aerobic activity and it doesn’t matter whether you do it slow or fast, it is still an awesome workout. The good thing about cycling as an activity is that it is up to you to decide what kind of activity it will be – are you going to climb a hill or to just relax on a straight with a relaxing pace? You can do it in whatever pace you like. When cycling, you will not only tone your leg muscles, but you will also build strength and lower your blood pressure. But, this is not all – if you go out on a ride on a sunny day, you will enable your body to get more vitamin D and since cycling is a low-impact workout, your knees and ankles will be able to rest, while muscles do all the hard work.

Cycling is a completely clean activity and, unlike cars and buses, it doesn’t produce fumes that are damaging the environment. If you are working near to your home, you could even use your bike as a way of getting to work. Furthermore, you could try to get some of your friends and family interested and plan long bicycle rides to a nearby forest or anywhere you could find it interesting to be going.

Cycling is a great activity that can substitute regular exercise if you don’t have the time to hit the gym. It’s time to get your bike out of the garage and take it for a spin!

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