Practice At Home! Simple exercises for the whole body!

You do not have time to go to the gym or you may not permit this finance “luxury”? If you simply do not grow to incorporate fitness into your schedule no problem. To top form and taut body can come and practice at home or in nature. In addition, it will look much better and be much more comfortable with yourself regular exercise will have a positive impact on health, stress reduction and more. You do not need expensive devices, running tracks, supplements or fitness instructors to reach peak form and taut body, for this you need only 30 minutes a day, it will be enough these basic exercises that will have an impact on the whole body and the location is irrelevant.

  • Push-ups

Unavoidable exercise for the upper body. Whether you go to the gym or not this exercise should not “jump”. Of course, there are many variations of push-ups or best known as male and female. The only difference is that the push-ups in the female athlete relies on knees, while the men on the toes of the feet.

It is very important to practice running to the end (with rustling with the lift) and not fast. Push-ups affect the whole upper body: shoulders, arms and chest. The number of repetitions is individual, but the best results are achieved when you work 3-5 series to the maximum, so no matter how difficult this way you will achieve the results’ fastest.

  • Abs

It should be noted that crunches do not remove fat. Crunches are exercises to shape and strengthen the abdominal muscles and you will not see results as long as you have a thicker layer of fat over.

Whichever variation you run, the slower the more you do them thrive, and of course the more you work progress will be visible. Abdominal muscles are very specific because it is very easy to get used to the effort and the exercise not to work quickly.

  • Squats

Squats are unsurpassed exercise for the legs. If you are working on multiple fingers straining the leaves, and if you work on the whole foot more straining thigh muscles. What is important in this exercise is performing slowly and do not overdo it with the number of reps if you have not practiced before. Squats are very popular exercise with the beautiful half of the trainees as shapes and buttocks but it is certainly another plus for this exercise.

  • Run

Of course, this does not fit the classic or exercise for health, burning calories and complacency take the little time each day to run. Your body will have a lot of low-fat, sweating will flush out various toxins from the body, you will be less vulnerable to various diseases, and you are comfortable with yourself.

No more excuses such as lack of time or money for the gym. And of course, do not forget that a diet very important, even more important than training, so if you choose to exercise at least a little to try and influence the diet and results will follow.

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