Online personal training is the latest fitness trend – How to get the most out of it

Online training lessons is the latest hit in fitness industry – it seems that less and less people are replacing gym with a fitness app on their smartphone and are doing their exercises at home. It seems that the time of excuses like “I don’t have the time to exercise or go to the gym” are over – since you can do a workout with practically no equipment at home.

The rise of the popularity of fitness apps that offer lessons and even whole workouts (like FitStar) has enabled a lot of people to workout from their home, without needing to go to the gym, buy exercising clothes or pay for gym memberships. Apart from that, what are the added benefits of using one of these apps to get fit at home?

First of all, it is much easier to check the credentials of all people involved in creating the app or if you are using online trainer – you can check them, too. Keep in mind that all trainers should have necessary certifications and credentials in order to be able to be trainers in the first place. On the other hand, your trainer should provide you with his or her credential to earn your trust.

Probably the best thing about online fitness apps is the possibility to easily customize the difficulty according to your capabilities and your goals. Most of the people want to lose weight or to gain muscle mass which has two separate programs, but for people who are training for a certain event – none of the two programs will be good. For example, people who are training for a marathon or an endurance race, must have special programs prepared for them. Furthermore, you could talk to your trainer to help you with nutrition and diet in general.

When it comes to accountability – it all depends on the relationship between you and your online trainer. There are some trainers who like to communicate with people on their program every single day (that is a high level of dedication from the trainer, that’s for sure), while some require you to communicate with them once or twice per week. If you are not sure about your side of the accountability, then you should definitely try to find a trainer that will be more engaged and will help you stay on your fitness journey.

Another good thing about joining online fitness program or using a fitness app is the community – a lot of people on the same journey as yourself, ready to share their progress and their tips and advice. Make good use of the social aspect of online fitness programs, it can be really beneficial for you. Being part of online fitness community has more benefits – like getting explanations from other people how they managed to do an exercise or a whole set – which can be different from getting advice from a trainer, especially if the person giving you advice is in similar shape and fitness level as you are at the moment!

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