Most common treadmill mistakes everyone make

Along with the training bike, treadmill is among the most popular gym equipment in the world – every day thousands and thousands of people hop on and log miles and miles.

The best thing of the treadmill is that it simulates running – which is probably the most popular exercise in the world – but it simulates it in the perfect conditions allowing you to run in ideal conditions, with the possibility to adjust incline and speed.

Even though treadmill is super easy to use, there are some mistakes that people tend to make – some of them are more common than you would expect. Furthermore, some of these mistakes are only damaging your calorie burn, while some can even lead to injury. We have listed below some of the most common mistakes people make while using treadmill:

You look at your feet

Experts say that you should never look at your feet while using treadmill – it does not matter whether you are walking on running. It could happen that, while you’re looking at your feet you could lose balance and in some cases it caused small back injuries. The best thing to do is to look in front of you and keep your body relaxed.

Having a routine

It is very common that when you start exercising you go into a routine and to simply repeat the same exercise over and over. The only problem is that your body easily can get used to that routine and when that happens you will not be able to get the most out of your exercise. In order to be able to get the maximum calorie burn out of your exercise – make sure that you change it from time to time.

Dropping your feet flat on the treadmill

Fitness trainers say that this is one of the most common mistakes – dropping feet flat on the treadmill surface while walking or running. When you do this, you increase the risk of getting injured.

Over workout

You have certainly heard that you should do everything in moderation – this is even true for working out on treadmill. When you start feeling some muscles soreness, aches and pains all over your body and elevated heart rate – this means that it is time to either stop or slow down. Keep in mind that stressing your body over its limits could easily lead to injury,

You lean forward

Experts say that you should lean slightly forward while running or walking, however, you have to watch out not to lean too much forward. If you lean too much forward, you risk losing your balance which is especially dangerous if you are running at higher speeds.

Position of your arms

Just like when running – it is very important that you put your arms into proper position – while jogging, it would be ideal to place your hands into a 90 degree position, parallel to each other and while running at higher speeds, you should put your hands a little closer to your body.

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