Most common myths about vegetarian diet

When it comes to vegetarian diets, there are lots of myths that people tend to believe, although most of these myths are really far from the truth. Vegetarian diets are popular for years and there are millions of people that live the vegetarian lifestyle every day.

We have gathered the most common myths about vegetarian diet and uncovered the truth about them:

Plants don’t have enough protein for our bodies

This is a common myth about plants – that they don’t have proteins as much as meat. The truth is completely different – did you know that all foods (except sugar and alcohol) have protein? Just half-cup of beans have the same amount of protein as one ounce of meat.

You will not be able to workout normally

Another myth that gets easily busted, by one simply fact – athletes like Carmelo Anthony and Venus Williams are vegetarians for years and it seems like they don’t miss the meat. If you find a good, balanced vegetarian diet, you shouldn’t have any problem while working out.

You will lose weight easily on vegetarian diet

For some reason, people believe that if you are on vegetarian diet, you will most certainly lose weight and have less body fat, however, this is not true. If you take the meat out of your diet, but continue to eat processed foods in larger amounts, you could still face the problems that you had with regular diet.

Vegetarian diets are not good for pregnant women

First of all, you should know that pregnancy is really not the perfect time to experiment with new diets and if you want to do so, make sure that you consult with your doctor first. However, if you were on vegetarian diet before, there should be no risks to you or your baby. Since pregnant women still have to gain some weight, you should eat more dried fruits, bean dips, nuts, nut butters and soy beans.

Vegetarian diets cost more

We all know that organic products cost significantly more, but, average price of meat is more than $3 a pound, which means that the meat is one of the priciest groceries that is included in regular diet.

You are going to be hungry all the time

Nutritionists say that if you are hungry all the time on the vegetarian diet, you are doing something wrong. If you are hungry, your body needs fiber, fat or protein. Try to find a more balanced vegetarian diet or if nothing works, you should consult a professional.

You have to eat artificial meat

Luckily for millions of vegetarians this is not true. Some vegetarian diets have artificial meat or meat substitutes, but the problem is that these products often have lots of preservatives, additives and sodium, which make these products a not-so-healthy option. Since vegetarian diets are not all-or-nothing, you can always add some real meat to your diet.

You’re going to lack energy

Some experts suggest that people who stopped using processed foods in their diet reported to have more energy than before, so this is yet another myth about vegetarian diet that is not true.

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