Most common habits of fitness fanatics

We all have that one friend or a coworker that is a fitness fanatic. That person loves to workout and always finds a way to go for a quick run or they get up early to go to the gym. What is their secret? How can they love and enjoy workouts when they make the rest of us miserable most of the time? The key to understanding why these people enjoy working out is hidden in their habits. We have created a short list of habits that fitness fanatic have.

They are not focused only on losing weight – while most of the people are using weight loss as a primary source for motivation, these people tend to focus on other, more important benefits – they think how they will have more energy to spend playing with their kids, for example.

They choose workouts they love – lots of people sign up to do workouts they don’t like and because of this they tend to feel miserable while doing that workouts. Instead of choosing something that others like, find a workout that you like and that you enjoy.

They don’t stress themselves about setbacks – everyone has a bad day from time to time or something comes up that is more important than your workout and that is alright, you don’t have to do every single workout.

They use music to motivate themselves – you have probably seen lots of people wearing earbuds in the gym. The reason is simple – people love to motivate themselves by listening to music. Music distracts you from thinking about fatigue and it can also help you improve your results.

They love workout gear – gear that they workout in is really important. However, this does not mean that you should spend hundreds of dollars on expensive workout gear, but, you can reward yourself with something new from time to time.

They love to workout with their friends – help from your friends can be really important and if you have a friend that is fitness fanatic, you will have someone who loves to work out and teach you the right exercises. Lots of people run in pairs, for example, and according to one survey, more than thousand of people said that they only have time to chat with their friend when they run.

Feedback is very important – most of fitness fanatics love instant feedback about their workouts – for example, they love to wear activity trackers, so they can track how many steps they made that they or what was their heart rate while they had a session on the treadmill.

They turn to nature – another thing that lots of fitness fanatics have in common – whenever the weather allows, they like to workout outside, in the nature. There are lots of different activities that you can do when the weather is nice – anything from a walk in the woods or a yoga class in the park will do the trick.

They have their own rewards – a great way to establish a routine is to rewards yourself after a successful workout. These rewards don’t have to be anything big – for example, when you have reached a desired pace on the treadmill, you can reward yourself with some fresh juice.

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