Meditation guide for beginners

How many times it happened to you that you take the time, unplug all your devices, set up the right music, start meditating and your mind simply wanders away? Or it is hard to clear your thoughts and focus on relaxing? Meditation requires dedication and full focus, but at times it is practically impossible to give yourself in – sometimes it isn’t even your fault, because someone interrupted you or there is an urgent phone call or something like that.

Most of the people experience one of the two possible reactions when someone interrupts their meditation – they get either angry or burst into laugh. Either way, you end up not meditating and instead of relaxing you’re just losing time – which can be even more stressful. In theory, meditation is fairly easy to do and requires little to no practice, but it surely takes some time until you get used to it. Here are some tips to help you start on the right track:

  • The best way to get into meditation fast is to set up some kind of routine. For example, pick a spot in your home where you will meditate (try to find an isolated place, which is quiet and far from distractions), after that choose similar clothing every time you want to meditate and make sure that you unplug all your devices. It is possible that it will take some time for you to develop this habit, but it could really help you in the beginning. As you get used to meditating often, you can try to slowly adapt yourself to meditate anywhere.
  • Your mind will wander (especially in the beginning) – all sorts of things will pop in your head – like did you pay your bills or did you buy soap etc. This is completely normal and you should really try not to get upset when this happens. When it does happen, try to relax, forgive yourself for the set back and continue with meditation
  • From time to time, someone will disturb you and make you stop with the meditation. Learn to forgive these people from the start and later it won’t happen to you to stop with meditation.
  • Some experts even claim that there are people that simply can’t stop their mind from wandering and they say you should let it when it happens. Furthermore, they say that it is ideal time to let your thoughts wander and investigate your thoughts and ideas. Maybe do some thinking about your past and forgive yourself for some errors or mistakes you made.

If these tips don’t help you meditate properly and your mind still wanders and you don’t feel relaxed, maybe the time has come to try different type of meditation – keep in mind that every person is unique and what works for me, probably won’t work for you. You could try guided meditations, chanting or transcendental meditation. One thing is for sure – every person can meditate, but it is up to you to make it happen.

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