Is your workout sabotaging your metabolism?

Ever since was first defined – metabolism is a hot topic among all of us who are constantly trying to lose weight and be fit. It is a complex process of basically turning everything you consume (both eat and drink) into energy for your body. That is why metabolism is one of the key elements to weight loss. For years scientist have tried to decode how metabolism works and is there any way to make it faster – the faster your metabolic rate, the more calorie you burn without turning them into fat. They have found out that overweight people who tend to eat more than what they need actually slow down their metabolism and it can take years to bring it up to its normal speed.

But, what about those who are constantly exercising? It seems that if you are not doing a few things right, you might be sabotaging your success. Check out these few tips to make sure that your workouts actually help boost your metabolism and not the other way around:

  1. Focus on different exercises

First thing you need to know is that your body can get used to regular exercise really fast – for example, if you run every day for 30 minutes, after a few days your body will start adjusting to the exercise, which means that it will burn much less calories than it used to do it in the beginning. That is why experts recommend that you alter your exercises and overall workouts from time to time.

  1. Avoid overdoing it

Whatever your workouts are, it would be best to avoid overdoing it. One of the best examples is HIIT (high intensity interval exercise) which has proven to be great when it comes to boosting metabolism, but it can be dangerous and lead to serious injury if done more than three times per week.

  1. Choose strength training over cardio

Metabolism works even while we are resting and what have many researches found to be true – the more muscles you have, the bigger your metabolic resting rate is. This is the main reason why strength training is better than cardio. Furthermore, doing cardio over and over will bring your body into state when it will stop burning just fat and sugars and it will start burning your muscle mass.

  1. It is important when you work out

Studies have shown that exercising in the morning can be quite beneficial when it comes to losing weight, since it can boost your metabolism throughout the whole day. Pairing an early morning workout with a high-protein meal after will kick start your day in the right way.

  1. Watch out for the signs – your body might be trying to tell you something

There are many ways that your body might show you that something is not right with your metabolism – if you have low energy level, if you are constantly hungry or on the other hand if you have lost your appetite – these are all signs that something is not right with your metabolism and it means that you should change something – fast!

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