Is your car reason why you’re fat?

How many times it happened to you that you need a few things from the store and instead of going out on a short walk to the store you take your car? How many times it was easier for you to go through drive-through for a dinner, but you couldn’t find a parking space near the gym? Unfortunately, many of us can relate with these scenarios, but if you take a look on it from a practical side – using our cars to be more effective isn’t wrong. However, the problem arises when you start using your car for short trips (which practically becomes every trip), instead of walking. Which leads us to the question – is our use of cars what makes us fat and out-of-shape?

First of all, as we mentioned before, there is nothing wrong with owning a car – most modern families have at least one, some have even more. Cars give us freedom, power and ability to go to places where we would normally have to take a bus or a train. Furthermore, we are now able to cover more miles in a day with a car than our ancestors could cover in a month with a carriage. Thanks to our cars, we are able to live out of the crowded cities, but still keep our jobs in downtown offices.

On the other hand, we have never spent so much time in our cars and we don’t walk anywhere, because we have our cars to take us there. The interesting thing is that we all try to find any possible excuse to take the car instead of walking – for example, in the past most of us would go to our friend’s house even while it is raining, now we take our cars even if there is a small possibility of raining. You get the picture.

Now, try to imagine going on a walk or on a bicycle ride instead of going with your car – I’m sure that you will soon realize that most of the travel can be covered with a bicycle, most of them even with short walks. While going with a car might be faster, bicycle riding and walking have many, many health benefits – both activities reduce stress, risk of getting many major disease and in the end – by going on a walk or a bicycle ride – you are emitting zero emissions of poisonous gases destroying our planet.

The thing is – both walking and cycling can be quite enjoyable activities and the worst thing of it all is that we have to be constantly reminded about this. Not to mention how good a walk can be if you are working from home, feeling that you are constantly working. To make things even more interesting, you could get some friends or someone from your family involved, which will make these activities more amusing and you can even take it one step further to spice it up – agree with all participating that you leave your phones at home.

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