Is protein deficiency to blame for hair loss?

Did you know that the human hair is made up of protein? It has been known for a long time that our hair has lots of protein, but, scientist have not been able to link protein deficiency to hair loss, until now. One research that has been done on Harvard University has shown that the people who lack protein are more likely to start losing hair than those who have enough protein.

However, folks at the Harvard University claim that it is not all in the intake of the protein, but in its absorption (which is different from person to person and it is determined by lots of different things). Because of this, it is very important that the pregnant women and those who use weight training to build muscle start adding more protein to their diet.

However, as you probably already know, protein deficiency is not the only thing that can cause hair loss. Actually, there are lots of different factors that can be involved in the hair loss process of a certain individual. It has been proven that the hormone problems, vitamin deficiencies (any of these vitamins: vitamin A, vitamin D or vitamin E), various hair products and prescription drugs (steroids and antibiotics are known to be the biggest problem).

If you are wondering whether you have less protein than your body and hair needs, you can either watch out for the most common symptoms or you could simply schedule an appointment with your chosen doctor, who can easily check whether you need more protein in your diet or even if it is needed they can check everything about this problem.

Now, you have probably been wondering whether you can eat more protein and either slow down the hair loss process or stop it completely? The answer to this question is not simple, since there have been no researches to show how many people have had problems with protein deficiency so far.

If you want to add more protein in your diet – first thing you should need to know is that the protein can be found in animal sources (pork, chicken, turkey and fish). When it comes to animal meat, it is recommended that you buy non-farmed fish and organic meat, if possible. On the other hand, if you are a vegetarian, there are different sources of protein that fit in the rules of your diet – nuts, beans and whole grains. Furthermore, eating more vegetables will help you have more fiber, vitamin A and vitamin C in your diet. When you compare vegetarian and regular food, you can easily notice that the vegetable sources of protein have low fat, but they are rich in peanut or almond oil (which are considered as “healthy” oils), while the regular diet (which consists of eating meat regularly) has more fat and cholesterol.

As you can see, protein deficiency can help accelerate the hair loss, but it is not the only cause for this. If you want to stop or slow down your hair loss – make sure to increase your protein intake.

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