Is overeating late in the evening sabotaging your weight loss?

Lately, many people from all around the world have been sharing one frustrating thing that happens to all of them and no one can say for sure why it is happening – overeating late in the evening. Most of them say that they don’t have any problem eating according to their diets throughout the whole day, but when the evening comes they simply lose all control and overeat, practically sabotaging all their efforts to lose weight. Why does this happen? Experts are not sure and studies that give different results don’t help either.

First of all, calorie is a calorie, whenever you eat it – in the morning, afternoon or in the evening. All foods go through the same process when consumed, regardless of the time of the day when it is consumed. However, when it comes to eating in the evening, the problem is not the metabolic process, but the overall amount of food that is consumed. Defining what is the cause of this might be a problem, mostly because there are many different triggers that get you to eat too much in the evening.

One of the reasons to overeat in the evening and the one we see the most often is skipping meals. One of the recent studies focused only on the negative effects of skipping meals (because there are no positive effects of doing this) and they came to the conclusion that people that eat three times a day are less likely to overeat in the evening, while around quarter of all people who skipped breakfast tend to overeat in the evening. Furthermore, 60 percent of all people who skipped breakfast and lunch tend to constantly overeat in the evening.

Some experts point out that for most of us the evening is the time of the day when we relax and when the stress levels go down, while for some this is the time to catch up on the house chores or some other home-related work that needs to be done. The thing is – in both cases people can easily overeat, without even realizing it – for example, you are watching a movie and eating bag of chips – is this scenario familiar? What happens with the bag of chips in the end?

On the other hand, some studies that studied correlation between sleep and eating have come to the conclusion that a lot of people who overeat in the evening have trouble falling asleep and when they fall asleep in the end – they have sleep problems, but this is not when the troubles end. People having troubles sleeping due to indigestion problems caused by overeating are more likely to continue overeating the next day than people who don’t have sleep problems caused by bad indigestion. Did you know that official statistics show that overweight people sleep on average 2 hours less than people who have normal weight? The reasons for this can be explained even by science – when deprived of sleep, our body starts producing more of a certain hormone that increases hunger. So, make sure to get enough sleep!

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