How your pets improve your health

If you have a pet at home – then you surely know this feeling – you’re coming home from work, feeling tired and exhausted, but the minute you open that door and see a wagging tail or hear a purr – you suddenly feel better and leave everything to play with your pets. This is not your imagination – experts have actually proven that pets are good for both mental and physical health. Pets accept us, they don’t judge, they love us unconditionally and they are always there for us. The special bond that forms between our pets and us is what affects our mental health.

However, pets may affect even more aspects of our health:

Having a dog can lower your cholesterol

If you have a dog, you probably have to walk your pet once or twice a day. Well, experts say that these walks help us lower our cholesterol and triglyceride levels. One study has shown that men who own a dog have significantly lower cholesterol than those who don’t.

Pets help us relieve our stress

According to one research, our pets don’t have to do anything – it is enough that they are in the same room as we are. Apparently, when we look at our furry companion, our body releases oxytocin, a powerful neurochemical, which makes us feel joyful and happy.

Pets help us reduce our blood pressure

Just petting your cat or your dog, is enough to lower our blood pressure. One research has shown that people who are taking medication for hypertension and have a pet (dog or a cat) were able to cut for 50 percent the blood pressure response to stress.

Pets help us improve our fitness

According to the most recent studies, your dog is much better stroll companion than any of your friends. That research has shown that people who walked with their dogs walked significantly more and they were generally more active throughout the whole week. An average dog owner walks around 300 minutes a week, while the people who don’t own a dog walk, on average, 168 minutes a week. Furthermore, another research has shown that people who own dogs are 54 percent more likely to meet the recommended amount of physical activity.

Pets reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

Increased fitness level combined with lower stress, lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol all together reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. This is not some idea, this is a theory that is supported by American Heart Association. This association has reviewed and examined hundreds of researches and they have come to the conclusion that having a pet, especially a dog, can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and, at the same time, increase the survival rate of patients.

Pets prevent allergies in children

Different researches have come up to the same conclusion – if you had a pet when you were a kid (especially in the first year of your life), you were less likely to develop allergic disease – especially eczema and hay fever.

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