How you sabotage your own weight loss process

How many times have you started the process of losing weight and leading a healthier life, just to fall of the wagon, just a few weeks later? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there – the situation is even worse than you think, since more than 80 percent of all people who start with weight loss process stop within the first few weeks. The problem is that when you stop with this process, you don’t only feel as a failure, but you only gain the weight that you have lost almost instantly – sometimes even a few pounds more.

Experts say that in most of the cases it is our fault. The lack of preparation or determination has made us to stop with the process that could have changed our lives forever. Now, it is very important that you determine what situation or behavior has sabotaged your weight loss process in the past and simply find a way to don’t make the same mistake again. Most common reasons for failing to stick to your new healthy lifestyle are: diets, lack of support, environment and expecting results too soon.

Whenever someone mentions that they want to lose weight, first thing that pops up in our minds is diet. Unfortunately, thousands and thousands of people still believe that going on a radical diet is the only way to lose weight and they usually fail at it. Instead of going on the latest diet that your friend or neighbor recommended, start planning your meals, educate yourself about nutrition, start counting calories and learn yourself portion control. Create your own diet, with meals that you love and enjoy.

One of the mistakes people make when starting a fitness journey is not asking for support from friends and family. If you want to effectively adopt a new diet, exercise regime or a whole new lifestyle, you will surely not be able to do it without the support of people who are closest to you. It would be the best if you would gather your family and friends when you decide to start and let them know what you want.

Environment is often the main reason why someone has stopped with fitness journey. For example, imagine that you have started with a new diet and exercise regime and you leave some sweets and unhealthy foods in your kitchen – you are practically making it impossible for yourself to succeed! If you want to lose weight and improve your lifestyle seriously, then take some time and clean out your kitchen and your whole house – take any foods that could tempt you out.

Last, but not the least – impatience. More than often people who have just started with their fitness journey are not satisfied with results and they fall of the wagon. However, you must be realistic and understand that you can’t expect to lose weight in just a few days or weeks. Weight loss is a process that can take a lot of time – depending on your efforts (diet, exercise and overall activity).

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