How to choose the right sports bra

Sports bras have been around for some time now and it is practically impossible for us to even imagine how women exercised without them in the past. While it is considered that sports bras are just for women who have larger breasts, experts say that there many reasons why all women should consider exercising with one! Since they have become so popular, they are now cheaper than ever, come in many different sizes and are quite stylish, so you can easily find one you can pair with your other exercise outfits.

Every sports bra should offer support, stabilization and comfort. Support is crucial, since it is what it these bras are all about – if the sports bra doesn’t provide you with support, it will surely not make the exercise more comfortable. Here are some things you should also know:

  • Sports bras are made out of high quality materials, but they still have limited lifespan. Experts say that one sports bra can be used regularly (with proper care) for up to one year, but no longer since it will most likely stop providing support like it did in the beginning.
  • One of the most popular runners in the world has stated that every woman needs at least three sports bra – one to wear, one to be clean in the drawer and ready to use and third in the wash. As we have mentioned before, having only one sports bra will make its lifespan much shorter, but having three different that you can use will enable you to have them all longer, while they will still be able to be supportive.
  • Not all sports bras are the same and you should shop for them with this in mind. If you are just running – you should choose sports bras that are made especially for runners. On the other hand, women who are doing low impact exercises like pilates and yoga, can choose bras developed especially for these activities. The only problem here is if you are involved in various types of exercises – then you should try to find models that can do both, or just buy different bras for different activities!
  • Like with every piece of clothing – sports bra should fit you perfectly. Experts say that same rules for the purchase of regular bra are valid when searching for the perfect sports version. Keep in mind that support and comfort is what you are looking for and not the looks – it is much better to have a sports bra that is in the right size and a perfect fit, than the one that looks nice.
  • When buying the sports bra, it is good to know your size, but experts still recommend that you try every single one before you buy (just like when buying shoes). Different manufacturers might have different measures for the sizes, which means that you should also rule out buying the sports bras over internet and go into a specialty store to try on before you buy.

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