How to workout with your significant other

When it comes to fitness and relationships, we could say that these two things go together and really good. The chances are you already know a pair who either met in the gym or have started working out together. “Fitness dates” have become really popular in last couple of years and more and more couples can be seen working out together.

On the other hand, because of many reasons, couples tend to work out separately. As we’ve said, there are many reasons: humans are competitive by nature and we tend to constantly (without thinking about it) compare us to others, so it is quite hard to maintain a healthy relationship when your significant other is faster or stronger than you.

For all those who would like to start working out with their significant other, here are some tips, that should help you have normal relationship and successful trainings:

Shift focus from fitness to fun

The idea behind working out together is to share the experience, not the compete. So, it would be the best if you could both just relax and enjoy your fitness journey.

Both of you must be patient

Patience is very important for the success of your training sessions. If you have both been in the gym before, you most likely have your own routine – what exercise you do first, how much time you do cardio and how much weights. This is where you both have to be patient and work on creating a new routine, that suits both of you and not just one or the other.

Communication is key

When it comes to exercising with your partner, communication (just like in your relationship) is the most important thing. If he is running too fast, tell him to slow down, but, you have to expect that he will also tell you to slow down if you are going too fast. It is very important to be safe while training, so whenever something does not feel right, feel free to stop and consult with your partner.

Be careful not to overdo it

Couples often push each other or one wants to show to the other what he or she is capable of. You should both remember that you are exercising together to have fun and make it easier for each other. Make sure that you don’t overdo it and end up hurting yourself.

Support each other

One of the best things about working out with your significant other is the support that you get from him or her. However, sometimes exercising can be stressful for both of you and it is important that you both keep calm at all times. It is much better to encourage each other, than to get angry at your partner, when he or she is unable to do an exercise right.

Try something completely new

Trying something that is new for both of you can be fun and interesting. You get the chance to help each other and be supportive. One of the most popular workouts for couples is couples’ yoga.

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