How to use Instagram to lose weight

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks with millions of people logging in every single day. It is very different from all other social networks, because it is primarily visual – people share photos with short description below. Furthermore, Instagram is purely mobile and it is free to use. It does not come as a surprise that a primarily visual social networks has become very popular among people who lead or want to lead a healthy life.

How can you use Instagram to lose weight?

There are many ways to use Instagram to help you lose weight. One way is that Instagram keeps you accountable. If you are wondering how, it is quite simple – people post what they eat, their exercises, their food journals or anything that keeps them accountable. You will surely think twice about eating something out of your regular diet, if you have to post it on Instagram.

Another interesting way people use Instagram to help them with their weight loss is to track their fitness journey. The problem with weight loss is that it can be quite slow process – any person that has tried to lose weight at least once knows how slow it can be. That’s where Instagram can come quite handy – you can take photos or selfies and post them on Instagram and after a while you just need to compare the two photos from different periods and see how far you’ve come.

Most of the people who are using Instagram for weight loss say that it has helped them start loving instead of hating the whole process. Furthermore, whenever you take a look at all your posts, you can see how you felt throughout your whole journey and how it has influenced you. You can check out posts on Instagram that are tagged under #weightwatchers or #transformationtuesday to see some interesting photos.

If you sometimes need support, fitness community on Instagram is huge and you can always get much needed support and motivation – even from people that you have never met in your life. It might seem that finding like-minded people is difficult, but thanks to hashtags on Instagram it can be quite easy – if you want to find people who are also trying to lose weight you can try one of the next hashtags: #healthylifestyle, #weightloss, #cleaneating or #weightlossjourney. One of the biggest fitness communities on Instagram is #weightwatchers – there are thousands of people who post their diet, exercises and before and after pictures under this hashtag.

Instagram is really awesome if you need motivation. There are all sorts of motivational posts that people share every day – from before and after pictures to motivational posters with quotes. At times, a simple quote with the right words can make you push harder and further than ever before. You can read what people write below those motivational posts – because on Instagram people often share their experiences and their fitness journeys and sometimes these personal and true life stories can be quite motivational and even inspirational.

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