How to sweat less in the summer

Sweating is a completely natural process – it is a way for our bodies to keep cool in hot temperatures. However, sometimes it is difficult to define how much sweating is too much? Experts say that sweating is considered to be a problem when it affects normal, every day life of an individual – when that person has problem at school, job or in their social life, because of too much sweat.

Since summer has just begun, you might consider these tips that should help you sweat much less:

You should avoid caffeine

Lots of people love to start each day with hot cup of coffee, but according to experts sweat glands not so much. Apparently, there are two ways caffeine can make you sweat more than you would usually – first, the hot drink itself is enough to make you sweat and second, it is known that caffeine stimulates nervous system, which activates sweat glands – which means you end up sweating more.

You should avoid spicy foods

When you eat spicy food, it activates neurotransmitters in your brain, which causes sweating to increase. Furthermore, eating spicy peppers can make you sweat more in two ways – first, there is a certain chemical in spicy peppers that may trick your body into thinking that you are in some sort of trauma, which is a signal for stress-related sweating to start. Second, the same chemical affects one type of nerve, that thinks that your body is under some mild warmth and activates sweating to cool you down.

Don’t trust your deodorant

First thing you need to learn is to differentiate deodorant and antiperspirant. Deodorant is great for masking smell, while antiperspirant can actually help you stop sweating. If you are sweating too much, you can find even clinical-grade antiperspirant, which is much stronger than the regular.

Carefully choose what you’re going to wear

When you know you are going to spend a lot of time outside, in the hot weather, make sure to wear clothes that has breathable and cool fabric (cotton or linen, for example). Furthermore, clothes like workout wear are great for absorbing sweat, helping you to stay dry.

If you have smelly feet, avoid closed toe shoes (especially barefoot). Socks can help you fight this smell – you just have to find socks made out of cotton, which are great for absorbing sweat.

Consider consulting your doctor

If any of the previous tips didn’t help, you should really consider consulting your doctor. There are lots of prescription medication that can help you with your sweat problem. If you didn’t know, botox is used for treating underarm sweat.

Try some of the prescription medication

If you would like to stay away from botox, you could try prescription medication. This is the best thing to try if nothing from this list has helped and you would like to avoid injecting botox. One of the most popular medication is an oral medication, called glycopyrrolate. This medication is known for being quick and effective, but it has some side effects, like dry mouth, dry eyes and overheating.

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