How to stop overeating in the evening

Did you know that one research has proven that we tend to be hungry more easily in the evening than in other part of the day? This is an explanation for something that everyone of us has to deal – nighttime food cravings. While there are many speculations why this is happening, one of the accepted explanations is – boredom. Apparently, because we have more spare time in the evening – you have finished with work, with your friends and put kids to sleep – and if you are not already in the bed – this is ideal time to grab something to eat.

While there is nothing wrong with a small snack, however, try not to overeat. If you are having troubles with controlling your hunger in the evening, we have prepared some tips that should help you:

Your body needs vitamins or minerals

Most of these cravings in the evening are just a sign that your body is missing one or more of the crucial vitamins or minerals. In some situations, your body might trick you into wanting carbs, while the body is really in need of vitamin C. The best way to prevent this is to eat lots of produce throughout the day.

Do something else

Whenever you feel like eating in the evening, you can always find something else to do, to keep your mind off food. For example, whenever you are feeling hungry in the evening, you could clean your bathroom or chew some gum. Doing simple things like these two are easy way to get your mind off food and shift focus on something completely different.

Add more protein to your diet

Some researches have shown that if you eat enough protein during the day (especially in the morning), you are not going to feel hungry in the evening. There is one interesting study, done by University of Missouri, which has proven that a simple egg and lean beef breakfast has reduced snacking in the evening and, at the same time, it regulated activity in certain parts of brain.

Do a short exercise

The British Journal of Sports Medicine has published results of many studies, which have shown that doing simple exercises for 10 to 40 minutes, stimulated the areas of brain that help us build overall self-control.

Don’t watch too much TV

One of the most common ways of eating too much in the evening is something that everyone likes to do from time to time – eat snacks while watching TV. Furthermore, one study has shown that the people who watch too much TV in the evening, tend to eat significantly more after dinner.

As you can see, these tips are simple and they could help you to easily stop snacking in the evening, but this is not everything. We are sure that if you think hard about it, you could find another way to prevent overeating in the evening – should you keep sweets and snacks in your home if they present a temptation?

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