How to start loving your body

We are living in an era where we are shown pictures of slim and good looking men and women on daily basis – there is practically no online magazine or newspaper that doesn’t post Instagram photos of celebrities half-naked. This has a negative effect on self-respect of all of us and it twists the reality of what is healthy and what is not. Girls from young age are taught that they should be slim, on borderline of anorexia for boys to like them, while young boys think that they should have bodies of bodybuilders in order for the girls to notice them. Since this trend has started long ago, we have millions and millions of adults insecure in their looks.

We need to learn to love our bodies, no matter what size we wear. First thing we should all start doing is to stop judging flaw or flaws that our bodies have. The thing is – your body could even be close to perfection or even perfect, but there will still be something that you think that could be better, smaller, bigger or different. This happens to celebrities and models also, but while they have millions of dollars to spend chasing that perfection, we don’t have that money nor we have to do that.

Second thing you need to do in order to learn to love your body is to start appreciating all the functions going on in your body, without you even noticing. Unfortunately, we don’t learn to appreciate our bodies until we face death and realize what our bodies are going through every single day. Try to stop weighing yourself and looking in the mirror and start doing whatever will help your body function properly in the long run – try to go for a walk or make some changes in your diet to be healthier.

Most of the images shown in the media were altered – a lot! Now even regular Instagram users are learning to use Photoshop, in order to make their waist smaller, bust bigger or their bodies more curvy – this just shows how often this happens. So, it is time to get real with yourself – your body might not be perfect, but it is not digitally changed in any way, meaning that it is more real than the picture that famous model posted on her Instagram. We encourage you to chase the perfect body, but never risk your health by doing that!

This whole new trend of being super-skinny or slim has lead to expansion of the market that offers all sorts of pills and supplements that should make the whole weight loss process easier and faster – keep in mind that most of these products are fake and don’t actually help you lose weight. The best way to lose weight is to have a balanced diet, regular exercise and a generally active life, everything else is not true. If you want to have a healthier or slimmer body, prepare to work long and hard, but we can say for sure that the results will be worth it!

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