How to meet new fitness friends

For someone who is new to fitness, it can be sometimes really difficult to find someone else who is also interested in fitness or is in his or her own fitness journey, especially if you are surrounded people who are not that much interested in healthy life. Luckily, fitness is more popular than ever and there are a lot of new and interesting people you can meet.

Believe it or not, there are many places where you can find someone new who shares the same passion toward healthy life, but we have created a short list of places where you are most likely to meet someone who is into fitness:

  • Gym – probably the first place that you thought of and you wouldn’t be wrong. The only problem with meeting new people in the gym is that not everyone is interested into talking while they are working out, which means that you should really try to approach someone in appropriate time. Whatever you do – don’t start your conversation off with criticizing someone else’s form!
  • Online – there are literally hundreds, even thousands of fitness communities where are gathered people who are dedicated to leading a healthier life. If you don’t know where to start Facebook and Instagram are great for meeting someone new fast. You will be surprised how easy is to find someone who shares same interests like you!
  • Group classes – in the last few years, group exercise classes have become really popular and they have become a great place to meet new and exciting people. Exercising classes like yoga, Zumba or bootcamp are present in every bigger city and it is fairly easy to get in. It is important that you don’t be shy and feel free to introduce yourself to someone.
  • Walking or running group – another group exercises, but only with either running or walking. These kind of groups have become a hit in the past year and now there are more groups than ever. These groups are either organized by your local gym or on Facebook. Usually every person willing to exercise is welcome, however if you want to join a running club, make sure that you have some experience before you go. On the other hand, joining a walking group will make it easy for you to meet someone, since it is an activity during which you can communicate with someone else.
  • Sports leagues – sports leagues for adults are here for years now and they exist for many different sports – from soccer to tennis. Some companies even have their own teams, made out of employees competing with teams from other companies. Participating in such team will not only give you a good exercise, but it will enable you meet new people and have fun.

Most of use find it easy meeting new people, but when it comes to finding someone who is interested in healthy life like you are, it can be harder – but that does not mean that it is impossible!

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