How to measure your weight loss process without using the scales

One of the most common ways of tracking our weight loss is by measuring regularly on a scale. It is quite simple – you have your start weight and your current weight, the difference between is how far you have gone so far. However, many experts claim that measuring on the scales is something you should be doing, but not rely solely on what the scale says.

Measuring on scales is easy and it requires zero effort on your part, but, is it truly the best way to measure your fitness progress? The problem can arise when the scale simply stops moving down or even starts showing that you have gained weight. This has happened to pretty much every person that has tried to lose weight and the moment when the scale showed that a certain person has gained weight instead of losing it, is the moment when they broke down and stopped with exercising and dieting.

The problem is that a scale has only one simple function – showing how much a person weighs and nothing more. Now there are more advanced scales that are able to show body fat percentage and muscle mass, which are two really important pieces of information, because most of us exercise to lose weight and during the exercises we build muscle mass, which is much heavier than fat (but it takes a lot less space) and this is usually the reason why scale shows more weight than before, leaving us thinking that we have gained weight instead of losing it.

One way to see whether you have managed to lose weight is to simply go to your closet and try something that you couldn’t wear before you started with weight loss. You will be surprised how some of the clothes fits you now and how your old clothes look big on you. Furthermore, spend a few minutes in front of the mirror and be honest with yourself – does your body looks better? The answer is probably yes and this is an awesome way to motivate yourself to continue with your journey.

If you find it difficult to see whether you lost weight by trying on your clothes, there is another way that is much more accurate and it doesn’t require a lot on your part – measure your waist, hips, neck and arms. As we have mentioned before, muscles weigh more than fat and this is why scales show that you have gained weight, but measuring your body is the sure way to see whether you have lost fat and gained muscle. This way of measuring your progress is more reliable than scales.

Lastly, think about your energy and emotional levels – many studies have shown that regular exercise and balanced diet is a way to keep your energy high and emotions in control. The emotions are most affected by this because we all tend to eat more when we are stressed, which basically means that we have used food to control our feelings and emotions, helping us cope better with every day life, which is something that no one should do.

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