How to improve your walking workout

One of the most popular workouts is the one that we do every single day – we are talking about walking. Although walking as a movement is something that almost every person does every single day, there are some people that are using walking as their top workout. The good thing about walking as an exercise is that it does not require any special equipment and you already know how to do it, so there is nothing stopping you from doing it right now.

If you take walking as a serious workout, the good thing is that you can always improve it and get more out of it. Some of the people who are into walking, have found numerous ways to burn more calories while walking or to walk more than they have used to. Not all of these tips can apply to everyone, but some of them are worth a shot. We have gathered top advices given by people who walk a lot every day:

– You should count your steps – all the people who use walking as a workout claim that they have started walking for average 2,000 steps per day, after they started wearing a pedometer. If you have an iPhone or Android mobile phone you can install applications that keep track of your walking or you could buy one of the popular fitness bands, that track your steps, your calorie burn and overall activity.

– You should stand straight – by keeping your shoulders above hips, you engage muscles in your core, which not only helps these muscles develop, but also burns more calories. Furthermore, you will have better posture and feel more energized.

– You should raise your head – when you raise your head, you are able to take much deeper breaths, because your chest has opened.

– You should wear a heart rate monitor – you probably already now that optimal intensity is around 75 percent of your maximum heart rate (at this intensity your body burns fat best) and having a heart rate monitor to show you when you are in that zone can be a great thing. Furthermore, lots of people that wear heart rate monitors, suggested that it has reminded them when they have started slowing down, so you could say that this device can be also a motivational tool.

– You should loosen your fist – experts say that loosening your fist can improve your walking, because you don’t waste energy on clenching your hands.

– You should shorten your steps – shorter steps are better for overall calorie burn and there is less risk of joint injury.

– You should move your arms – this is something that everyone does, mostly because it helps them maintain the pace and also, by doing this, they burn more calories.

These advices are something that you should definitely try, one by one and see what improves your walking. Remember that these advices should help you improve your workouts and get better results, but if you feel that any of these tips are making your workouts harder, you can always go back to your old ways.

If you have tried any of these advices, don’t forget to share your opinion in the comments.

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