How to improve your body image

How many times you thought about something that you could change about yourself? You probably think about it at least once a day and you are not the only one. In the last ten years, new trend has become very popular – promoting of super slim and fit women and shaming all those who are different. Now, we are sure that you know that this is wrong, but it seems that this negative trend is stuck in everyone’s head and we simply can’t get rid of it.

The problem is that we all now tend to pursue that fit and slim look that we are constantly shown everywhere we go. Instagram has become a place reserved just for those girls who apparently are perfect and that is the place where they post their photos every day. Now, there is nothing wrong with being healthy, however, you should not in any way workout or go on a strict diet in order to have thigh gap or to be able to stack some coins on your collar bone. The best thing you can do is to find out what weight or look you are comfortable with and work for that.

Simple tips to improve your body image

Start with being grateful with what you have

Whenever you start feeling blue or whenever you are not satisfied with what you have, just remember that some people are not able to walk or see and just take a moment to be grateful for what you have. If you are healthy, than unlike millions of people on this planet you don’t have to worry about it. When you start thinking positive about what you have, your body image will improve and you will start seeing your body as it is. The society wants you to think that you are not perfect, that you have flaws and the truth is we all have flaws, but that does not make you bad person or does not means you are ugly.

Wear clothes that makes you feel good

This is yet another way to improve your body image. Experts say that finding clothes that you are comfortable wearing could have significant impact on what you think about your looks and how you see yourself. Finding clothes that makes you feel good can really boost your confidence, which can have a really positive impact on your life. Unlike most of the men, women like to dress up and spend both time and money on perfect make up and dresses and this is important part of women appeal.

Say some nice compliments about another person

Telling someone a genuine compliment can really have positive affects on your life – however, you have to mean it. If you like the dress that your friend is wearing, why not tell her that? Experts say that complimenting the looks of another person can improve our body image. Just think about how you could brighten someone else’s day by just giving them a small compliment!

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